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Emma Hooks, coaching client/NYSTEA attendee

by Maria Capp on 12/29/15

I attended the NYSTEA Student Conference for three consecutive years with the Maria Capp Acting Studio and it was always an incredible experience! After my final year at NYSTEA, I appeared as a representative for my family business on ABC's Shark Tank for a fourth time. I also appeared as a sales guest on QVC Network four times, and was invited to attend the world premiere of Tomorrowland with George Clooney in DisneyLand. While I finished my senior year, I appeared as Abigail Williams in 'The Crucible' and played six different roles in my school One-Act Play Festival. I am currently a freshman Theatre Performance/Broadcast Journalism double major at American University in Washington, D.C. Aside from my classes, I have had numerous opportunities to perform on campus. Just this semester, I have participated in scenes from 'The Crucible' and 'U.S. Drag' for upperclassmen directing majors, appeared in three student films, and performed as Viola from Twelfth Night in an LGBT+ themed Shakespearean Variety Show. I am so thankful for all the unique training and experiences I gained through my years at NYSTEA, and was so thrilled to earn the NYSTEA 2015 Student Excellence Scholarship. I can't thank Maria enough for all her hard work and guidance over the past several years.

Alyssa Coia, coaching client

by Maria Capp on 12/15/15

Looks like all those Audition Prep workshops have finial paid off. Been receiving overwhelming positive feedback after all my auditions lately. Including recently getting cast in a school production based off my first reading as well as MFA playwrights and directors fighting over me to work on their pieces. Just wanted to send a huge shout out to my first Audition Prep teacher.

Joe Patrick Marshall, coaching client

by Maria Capp on 10/15/15

Maria, thanks for everything we went over in our last session! I didn't know what to expect in this cold read audition, but I held onto everything you taught me and I killed it. [The show] got a great turnout for auditions, [and] saw a lot of actors during the process...all pro's, and they are down to just 3, and I'm one of them! THANK YOU!

Kaitlin Moore, coaching client

by Maria Capp on 05/26/15

I am going to Chapman and super excited about it... thanks for all of the help with the essays!... I cannot thank you enough for all of your guidance/help and what I learned from you.

Lizzie Soufleris, 2015 NYSTEA Cold Reading Workshop

by Maria Capp on 02/04/15

I just wanted to thank you again for your cold reading workshop. Out of every NYSTEA workshop I've attended throughout the past two years, yours included the most real-life information, because you were truthful about the nature of the industry, which I appreciated greatly. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in your class, and loved how it was intense for every single second of the 90 minute time slot. You gave an intense, realistic, engaging workshop, that definitely gave me a clearer understanding of the film/television industry.

Thank you,
Lizzie Soufleris

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