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Alyssa Coia, coaching client

by Maria Capp on 12/15/15

Looks like all those Audition Prep workshops have finial paid off. Been receiving overwhelming positive feedback after all my auditions lately. Including recently getting cast in a school production based off my first reading as well as MFA playwrights and directors fighting over me to work on their pieces. Just wanted to send a huge shout out to my first Audition Prep teacher.

Joe Patrick Marshall, coaching client

by Maria Capp on 10/15/15

Maria, thanks for everything we went over in our last session! I didn't know what to expect in this cold read audition, but I held onto everything you taught me and I killed it. [The show] got a great turnout for auditions, [and] saw a lot of actors during the process...all pro's, and they are down to just 3, and I'm one of them! THANK YOU!

Kaitlin Moore, coaching client

by Maria Capp on 05/26/15

I am going to Chapman and super excited about it... thanks for all of the help with the essays!... I cannot thank you enough for all of your guidance/help and what I learned from you.

Lizzie Soufleris, 2015 NYSTEA Cold Reading Workshop

by Maria Capp on 02/04/15

I just wanted to thank you again for your cold reading workshop. Out of every NYSTEA workshop I've attended throughout the past two years, yours included the most real-life information, because you were truthful about the nature of the industry, which I appreciated greatly. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in your class, and loved how it was intense for every single second of the 90 minute time slot. You gave an intense, realistic, engaging workshop, that definitely gave me a clearer understanding of the film/television industry.

Thank you,
Lizzie Soufleris

Lauren (Former student conference attendee & client)

by Maria Capp on 06/20/14

Dear Maria,

          I know I have not contacted you in many years, but when I look back on my life meeting you always seems like a turning point. You saw me when I could not see myself, I came to you as a confused and angry person. I blamed circumstances for my situation and could not see the benefit or light in the situation. You taught me to see, to manifest my goals and to listen to my intuition. I am now in college and it seems like my intuition couldn't be stronger. I still look back on my journal from when we met, and the exercises you taught me. You allowed me to become open and not suppress the energy within me. This helped me more than I can ever imagine. You are an amazing role model, and I can not imagine where I would be, if I would be if I had not attended Free to be Me.

I hope you are doing well with all of your ventures!

Jose Ramos

by Maria Capp on 05/15/14

Although I have been acting for a while it's been on and off.. I recently read " The Power Of The Actor" and loved it, but being in the east coast I had very limited options as far a qualified coach/teacher.. After much research and work, I was able to connect with Maria Capp. Her passion, clarity and knowledge of the technique and the acting business was what I needed. She was able to help me break down a script or audition piece using the technique and even expanding on it exponentially to make it her own.. She helped me build back the courage to get back in and compete.. We also worked on series of assignments to continue to grow and eventually let go, commit and do it.The biggest surprise came in the area of the business of this business , which I was ignorant to.. She really shed a light on this,based on my needs and who I am , how to research, network and create relationships with those that matter .. She is honest, strong, yet caring and inspiring.There are too many moments and information of value for me to list but if you want to take your game of acting and the business of acting to the next level , then Maria will help you get there.. Eternally grateful, Jose Ramos

Emma Hooks

by Maria Capp on 05/15/14

Hi Maria,
I just got out of my training class at QVC and wanted to let you know how useful all your training was! My on-camera classes helped me in my rehearsals, and I knew more about the logistics of being on screen than the adults I was training with. Thank so much for all your training, it was all really helpful today!

Anna Do, "Free to be Me" Workshop Attendee

by Maria Capp on 01/24/14

Hi Maria! I attended your "Free to be Me" workshop during my first year of NYSTEA and I just wanted to take the time to thank you for teaching me so much during those two hours. It was an extremely rewarding way to wrap up my first experience at NYSTEA… Your workshop taught me a lot about chasing my dreams. You taught me how to not hold back and to freely be myself. I would like to thank you for giving me many strong words of wisdom. This experience also taught me how to not hold myself back, just as you have taught me this two years ago. Just like you, I want to inspire, help others chase their dreams, and let future students freely be themselves. Maria, thank you for being personable, caring, and open to all NYSTEA student members. I am sure that I am only one of hundreds of other students who are this grateful for having met you. Thank you for for teaching your students how to believe in themselves.

Love Always,

Anna Do

Chris Strong, Business of Show Business Workshop

by Maria Capp on 01/03/14

 "The information on resources for actors was valuable such as which websites to visit, and defining some of the terms as far as agents and managers. I would highly recommend Maria Capp Acting Studio’s 'Business of Show Business' workshop to my peers."

Scott McIntyre, Business of Show Business Workshop

by Maria Capp on 01/03/14

"I found the information well presented by a very nice, easygoing professional. Discovering my 'type' was such a valuable piece of information. Thank you!"